We are:

   The Templar's are alive and well all over the world. There are many groups from the Masons on down. We are NOT Masons. But we are one such group.  Our Order is The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar.  This order no longer wages war on the Muslim world. Our enemies are want and need. Thus we swear our oath to end suffering when and where we can. However we can. We are no longer just men all are welcome. We do keep our ancient titles and nobility.  When you become a knight in our order it is a legal title.  Your wife would be legally entitled to be addressed as Lady ---- And this title can be handed down to your son and daughters. The only requirements to join our order are  the desire to serve your fellow human beings wherever there is a need.  To join take the oath. Wear the ring of a Templar with humility and honor.   Some of us are ordained in a church some are not. Our Leader who started the order in Florida is ordained.

IF you want to join our order email Templar54@aol.com for more information.

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