The Ancient & Noble Order Of the Knights Templar .

                                 We promote a better world.


The Honors of The Order.

The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar is a charitable foundation and the true successor to the original Knights Templar that was founded by the Crusader Knights in 1118 in Jerusalem in the Holy Land.

 This is the only Knights Templar organisation that is legally entitled to grant Hereditary Knighthoods and Honours to the members of its Order.

 WE are the office or camp  in Florida in the USA.  We answer to and work with the main office in London, England.    Here we keep our membership in secret because we work for the glory of  God.      The Templar motto is Latin-

-Non Nobis Domine  Non Nobis Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam.               Not To Us O Lord,  Not To Us,  But to Your Name Give Glory.  ( P

(Psalm 115, v1 Hebrew Psalter Psalm 113, v13 Greek Psalter)-- ( Psalm 115)

                                                                      And therefor we are a secret order no one person is to obtain glory for the work we do.

 No Knight will ever be paid for his work as a Templar.

 Our works are done in the name of the Ancient and Noble order of the Knights Templar.  Our main work is to raise money for charity's ,  that we vote on.          

 When you are accepted in our order your name will be engraved in the Templar's headquarters in London England.   Following is a link to the HQ in the UK feel free to explore it.

Join Us  The main HQ in London    -  link to HQ  ---

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old. The only age rule is you must be a legal adult, 23 years or older. As of now we are NOT a nonprofit agency. However the main office is. We will be working on this in 2016.  If you decide that you want to join our camp please contact me first I will request your membership and that will quicken the process.

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